Strategic Alliances

Fine Chemicals Inc. is a strong believer in building strategic alliances with its customers and suppliers through synergistic win-win relationships.

synergistic win-win relationships

Fine Chemicals Inc. has established alliances with industrial organizations that supply chemicals globally. These alliances have led Fine Chemicals Inc. to develop strong partnerships with the Automotive Industry by securing long-term chemical supply agreements with major manufacturers of air bags. Our team has years of experience providing manufacturers with technical and marketing assistance in meeting customer’s requirements. We have developed beneficial relationships with our customers through our ability to meet their product requirements, offer competitive pricing and deliver orders on-time and hassle-free. Fine Chemicals Inc. strives to provide the best service possible to both our suppliers and customers.

a leading supplier of sodium azide

To better serve its clients, Fine Chemicals Inc. has established overseas manufacturing facilities especially in China and India.  These facilities allow a unique opportunity to our North American and European customers to source high quality chemicals on time at very competitive prices without having to worry about reliability, quality, supply and logistics.  Thus, Fine Chemicals Inc. provides the optimal combination of North American service and cost-effective international production.

Our customers are valued partners who permit us to be in business and grow with them.  We are privileged to serve their needs.  Confidentiality, reliability, team-work and open communications are watchwords in all our dealings with our customers and supply partners.


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