Technical Expertise

Fine Chemicals Technical Expertise

Quality Assurance

Fine Chemicals Inc. recognizes the importance of total commitment to quality and the need to keep pace with changing quality control requirements.  Through continuous co-ordination with the production facilities, Fine Chemicals Inc. ensures that very stringent product quality standards are implemented and maintained.

We offer a wide range of product specifications, purities, particle sizes and packaging as required.


Product Development

At Fine Chemicals Inc. existing products are continuously enhanced and improved to meet customers’ changing needs. We work with several research facilities dedicated to product development and improvement.  We can handle bench-top to pilot plant scale product development projects and we encourage customer participation on these projects from inception.


Product Regeneration

Another service we provide is the re-cycling and regeneration of selected off-spec chemicals that otherwise would have to be disposed of or destroyed as hazardous wastes at considerable expense.  Please contact us and we will advise as how you may save cost in this area.

We respond positively and enthusiastically to challenges posed by rapidly evolving technologies and provide cost-effective solutions to our customers.

Click here for a list of products we offer.  If you do not find what you need, contact us.  Chances are, we can economically source your chemical needs or provide helpful advice.


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